True Friends wire fox terrier rescue

Quincy was quite the catch!

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Quincy was lucky to find his forever home with Steve Best and family!

Roman was Ready!

Roman is a 3-year-old Wire Fox Terrier who was looking for his forever home, but now he has been adopted!  He was all set and ready to go and now he has found a loving, forever home.


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"Peggy is our first rescue dog and she is just great!"

Maria and Simon adopted little Peggy and say, "She is a lovely, lovely girl very sensitive and loves cuddles. She also gets along well with our boy dog Basil enjoying warmth by the fire."

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Our Daisy was rehomed in 2017.  She was retired from breeding and looking for a forever home. She found one with a lovely family and now enjoys a life of here.


Dougal is a sweet boy who found his forever home in 2017.

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Wire Fox Terrier Rescue & Rehome

True Friends